Dear All,

Ivy had a very rough day today...her Oxygen saturation levels took a sharp drop after a quiet weekend.  We were seeing a partial collapse on the left side.  It was her nurse Peggy who found that a chest tube had twisted and kinked and once this was corrected, her saturation levels returned.

The problem is that Ivy's right lung is not healing and the doctors feel that they need to address this by performing surgery...a very scary prospect for someone as fragile as Ivy is.  There are more questions than answers at this point, but, unfortunately we are at a point where there really isn't any other course of action to be taken.

Ivy is scheduled to undergo this surgery tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM.  Her Mom and I are beside ourselves (as is her brother Chris) with anguish and fear...this will be the longest night and day of our lives...I would like to ask for extra prayers and good thoughts on Ivy's behalf as she faces this challenge tomorrow.  I know in my heart that you all will be pulling for her... 

I promise that I will send another e-mail tomorrow (or as soon as I can) to update everyone on her status...I honestly feel in the depths of my soul that she will be alright, she is so strong...but I too will be praying with all I have that the Good Man upstairs be with her and protect her...I love you baby doll...

God Bless you All

My Best Always