This site is dedicated to my beloved daughter Ivy.  It chronicles her story as she battles to recover from her injuries.  Ivy was driving to college for semester finals on December 9, 2003.  When a careless driver cut her off, she swerved to avoid hitting the car, losing control and skidding off the freeway and over a 150-foot cliff.  She was thrown from the car and landed in a bush, her chest crushed. 

Because of the actions of a wonderful man named Sam, who saw the dust and knew what must have happened, she is still with us. He scrambled down the hill to find Ivy, protect her and insure she received immediate care that saved her life.  He found Ivys cell phone, saw an entry for “Dad’s Cell” and called me with the horrible news.  Ivy was flown to the closest trauma hospital, while I drove the 150 mile distance and called Kathie.

The Mercy Air nurse and paramedic who flew with Ivy to the hospital put in her first chest tube in the field to re-inflate her collapsed lung.  The nurses at the hospital told us this is rarely done.  When she arrived, she was taken right to surgery where doctors spent several hours operating on her.  They removed her spleen, repaired her lacerated liver, and set her broken ribs. 

Ivy was taken to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) that evening.  A few days later, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) set into her lungs.  Ivy has been in the CCU ever since December 9, 2003.  With all the miracles that happened to save her life, I know in my heart that she will beat this horrible monster and be whole once again. 

With your prayers, kind thoughts and words of encouragement to help her, I know she will be coming home again.  Please take a moment to review Ivy’s story in the Chapters, stop by Voices of Love and offer your thoughts and take a moment to sign her Guestbook to let her know just how many people care.  God Bless you all.

With My Best Wishes Always,

Michael (Ivy’s Dad)